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Psychotherapy Billing

We know dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating- that's what we're here for! Our billing services are designed to elevate revenue and eliminate stress so you can focus on your clients. 


Services provided in our psychotherapy billing package include but are not limited to:

  • Claim submission through multiple portals and clearing houses

    • Extensive experience with TherapyNotes, SimplePractice, OfficeAlly, & Kareo​

  • Claim follow up on nonresponsive claims, denials, or claims sent back for reprocessing

  • Appeals and Disputes

  • Ensure claims are being processed correctly and reimbursing at the correct amount, including correct client copay/coinsurance


 We tailor our pricing based on multiple factors including your practice size, number of clinicians, and insurance companies accepted. A general estimate for our services is 7.5% of insurance payments due on a monthly basis, administrative fees for initial set up may apply. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.

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